At the very beginning we ask you to register yourself.

In registration we require your First name, Last Name, Username and Password. Please save Username and Password to safe place not to be stolen or misused.

With registration you will receive Registration confirmation email.

Please confirm your Registration confirmation email. By confirming Registration confirmation email you will be able to enter in Numeratu.

If you have a problem or you entered wrong email – Please contact Support

Before Starting to use you need to setup Numeratu Account by entering few basic data about your Company :

  • you’ll need to define Language you will use in Numeratu, Currency of your business operations and Type of Business (Chart of accounts)
  • enter company data – as Short name of your Company, Long Company Name, Official Company Address, some Contact Information, Registration Number, VAT/Tax Number
  • define initial Financial account (bank account, paypal wallet, etc. Other can be added later) with Opening Balance and Opening Date

After you setup your Numeratu account it is a time to choose the Numeratu Application package. There are several packages including Demo where you can test Numeratu free for 14 days.

Enter taxes which are defined for your country and your line of Business. It can be VAT or Sales Tax.

(you can reach it : Top menu on right (in black) under Settings/Tax)

Enter Items (Goods or Services) which your business is using it in the sales or in a purchases.

By Adding the Item first you have to choose Type of Item you are entering. By Choosing proper Type of Item you’ll instantly define Accounting rule to use Quick Reports.

Later in Form you need to enter SKU (stock-keeping unit) unique short code you’ll use anywhere in application, Name, Description, Suggested sales Price, Tax, ABC code (for Active Based Costing Analysis), and still you can change your Type of Item. Below you’ll find Accounting rules just to check (if you are familiar with accounting)

Confirm your enter by pressing AddItem Button

(you can reach it : Top menu on right (in black) under Settings/Items)