Quick Setup

Enter or import your business transactions and payments into application, make reconciliation and view your financial position.

Business Insight

View your general business financials in dashboard and analyze them more deeply in special views.


Easy Expense Tracking.

Easy to use

Always and Anywhere available.

It's Saas

It’s SaaS application so reachable from anywhere. Of course where Internet is available

Data Driven System

Use different sources of your data - by entering data (manual), by importing files (semimanual) or by connecting application via API (automatic)


Reconcile payments with Business Events make your business simple to analyse.

Payment & Cash Flow

Easy payment tracking, reconciliation with business events you are increasing awareness of Business and you can make instant direct CF report


Maintain your Cash level to provide liquidity in near-future periods.

Every Customer is Partner

Reviewing your BP information - from revenue/Expense positions, ST Account Receivables/Payables, real CF gives you crucial knowledge what is your Partner worth for you.

Quick Report

You can proptly review your IS, CFS or Tax statement.


EEasy to Use

Import data, reconcile and use all advantages of Numeratu.


Always Available. No Upgrade Timeouts. No Downtime. No Excusses.

Anywhere Available

It's Saas so you can reach it anywhere. All you need is internet access.

Data to Numeratu

You may enter your data manually in Numeratu or import them into Numeratu or connect your application via API with Numeratu


Know your Partner - It's must to know your partners and all your business relationship with him.